Apache OpenOffice release is imminent

This post by Ross Gardler (from The Apache Software Foundation) addresses the question “Is OpenOffice.org an Apache project yet?” and explains a how a project and its community become an “Apache project”.

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The Magic of Editable PDFs

I’m a bit late in linking to Simon Phipps’ article, The Magic of Editable PDFs, but it’s such a great tip that you need to know about it (if you don’t already). Here’s a sample:

Did you know you can send a final document as a PDF attachment that everyone will be able to open and view, but which people who need to will also be able to open and edit? The document that can do this magic is called a “Hybrid PDF”, and anyone can make one using open source software. LibreOffice (and related packages like OpenOffice.org) have been able to make these editable PDFs for quite some time. A Hybrid PDF is a normal PDF file that any PDF reader can display, but with the added benefit that the original source document is also embedded in the file. Any suitably advanced office suite, such as LibreOffice, is able to retrieve the source and allow you to edit it.

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Apache OpenOffice

Now that the OpenOffice.org product and trademark are owned by Apache, the community has recently voted to change the name of future releases to “Apache OpenOffice” (dropping the “.org”). The transition of the website, wiki, forums, issue tracker, and other assets from Oracle to Apache is nearly complete, and work is well underway for the first release of Apache OpenOffice.

See also this post.

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Symphony Mobile Viewer now available in Apple AppStore and Android MarketPlace

According to the announcement I saw, this free application displays Open Document Format (ODF) contents on iOS (iPAD/iPhone/iTouch) and Android phones and tablets. The viewer can display text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets (files in ODF version 1.2 format with .odp, .odt and .ods extensions) created by Lotus Symphony, OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice, or other applications that support ODF. Note that it is a viewer only; documents can not be edited or saved.

You can browse files loaded to your devices and open files directly from a web link. You can also connect the viewer to a projector or monitor to display the content if you have a video-out connector.

I haven’t tried this yet (I’ve just downloaded it now), so I can’t say anything about it from personal experience, but it certainly looks potentially very useful for some of what I do.

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Announcements from the LibreOffice Conference

During the LibreOffice Conference, The Document Foundation announced two advanced development projects which will become products sometimes in late 2012 or early 2013:

  • LibreOffice Online Prototype (demo video).
  • LibreOffice port project to Android and iOS.

The press release, with more details, is here.

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