Graphical text art using Fontwork

With Fontwork you can create graphical text art objects; for example, for decorative headings. There are many different settings for text art objects (line, area, position, size, and more), so you have a large choice.

You can use two toolbars for working with Fontwork objects.

  • Go to View > Toolbars > Fontwork.
  • Fontwork toolbar

    Fontwork toolbar

  • Click on an existing Fontwork object. The Formatting toolbar changes to display the Fontwork options. The contents of this toolbar vary with the component being used.

Creating a Fontwork object

  1. On the Drawing or Fontwork toolbar, click the Fontwork Gallery icon . If the Drawing toolbar is not visible, go to View > Toolbars > Drawing to display it.
  2. Fontwork Gallery

    Fontwork Gallery

  3. In the Fontwork Gallery dialog, select a Fontwork style, then click OK. The Fontwork object will appear in your document. Notice the blue squares around the edge (indicating that the object is selected) and the yellow dot; these are discussed in Moving and resizing Fontwork objects.
  4. Double-click the object to edit the Fontwork text. Type your own text in place of the black Fontwork text that appears over the object.
  5. New Fontwork object

  6. Click anywhere in a free space or press Esc to apply your changes.

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