Rotating text and centering text on a page

Rotating text

The second section of the Position tab controls the rotation of the paragraph text. Two common uses for rotated paragraphs are to fit headings above narrow table columns (as shown in Figure 84) and for decorative effect on a page.

A table with rotated headings

A table with rotated headings

To create the effect shown above:

  1. Create a new paragraph style.
  2. On the Position page of the Paragraph Style dialog, in the Rotation / scaling section, select 90 degrees. Click OK to save the new style.
  3. Select the heading row of the table and apply the new style. Any text in the cells of the heading row is now rotated.
  4. If the headings are aligned to the top of the cells, you may want to change the alignment to the bottom of the cells, as shown in the example. To do this, click the Bottom button on the Table toolbar or select Format > Alignment > Bottom from the main menu.
Rotating a paragraph 90 degrees

Rotating a paragraph 90 degrees

Centering text on a page

Although you can center text horizontally as part of a paragraph style or by using manual formatting, those methods do not work for vertical centering. To center text vertically, you need to place the text in a frame and then center the frame vertically on the page.

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