Including document information

Sometimes you may want to include in the text, or in a header or footer, information about the document; for example, the filename, the date it was last edited, or the number of words it contains.

Some information fields can be inserted directly from the Insert > Fields submenu.
Insert Fields menu

Look for others on the Document or DocInformation pages of the Fields dialog. Select the type of information required in the left-hand column (here we’ve chosen Statistics), the specific item in the middle column, and the format in the right-hand column. If you’re not sure, choose the default format selection (whatever is highlighted for your choices in Type and Select); if the result isn’t what you want, you can change it later.
Document fields

Some of the document properties information is generated by OOo, some comes from information you enter on the Description page of the Document Properties dialog, and some comes from informa­tion on the – User Data page of Tools > Options

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