Choosing spelling options

Choose Language Settings > Writing Aids. In the Options section of the page (near the bottom), choose the settings that are useful for you.

  • If you don’t want spelling checked while you type, deselect Check spelling as you type and select Do not mark errors. (To find the second item, scroll down in the Options list.)
  • If you use a custom dictionary that includes words in all uppercase and words with numbers (for example, AS/400), select Check uppercase words and Check words with numbers.
  • Check special regions includes headers, footers, frames, and tables when checking spelling.

Here you can also check which of the user-defined (custom) dictionaries are active, or you can add or remove dictionaries by clicking the New or Delete buttons.

Writing aids

Note: does not include a grammar checker, but you can install a grammar checker extension such as Language Tool and access that extension from Tools > Spelling and Grammar. See this page for more about installing extensions and this page for more about Language Tool.

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