Default table options

On the Writer – Table page, you can specify the default table behavior.

Some considerations:

  • If most of your tables will require borders or headings, select those checkboxes. If most of your tables are used for page layout, deselect borders and headings.
  • Number recognition can be very useful if most of your tables contain numerical data; Writer will recognize dates or currency, for example, and format the numbers appropriately. However, if you want the numbers to remain as ordinary text, this feature can be quite irritating, so you will want to deselect it.
  • The Keyboard handling section specifies the distances that cells move when you use keyboard shortcuts to move them and the size of rows and columns inserted using keyboard shortcuts.
  • The choices in the Behavior of rows/columns section determine the effects that changes to rows or columns have on adjacent rows or columns and the entire table. You might need to test these selections to fully understand the effects.

Choosing default Table options

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