View and formatting options

Two pages of options set the defaults for viewing Writer documents: View and Formatting Aids.

View options

If the items on the View page are not self-explanatory, you can easily test their effects in a blank document.

This is a good page to check if, for example, you cannot see graphics on the screen or you see field codes instead of the text or numbers you are expecting.

Choosing View options for Writer

Formatting Aids options

The display of symbols such as paragraph ends and tabs help you when writing, editing, and doing page layout. For example, you might want to know if any blank paragraphs or tabs are included or if any tables or graphics are too wide and intrude into the margins of the page.

Choosing Formatting Aids options

Note: Direct cursor lets you enter text, images, tables, frames, and other objects in any blank area in your document. OOo inserts blank paragraphs and tabs to position the text or objects. This feature is incompatible with styles and can lead to many formatting oddities, so it should be avoided.

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