Load/Save options

If the Options dialog is not already open, click Tools > Options. Click the + sign to the left of Load/Save.

Load/Save options

Choose Load/Save > General. Most of the choices on this page are familiar to users of other office suites. Some items of interest are described below.

Choosing Load and Save options

Choosing Load and Save options

Load user-specific settings with the document
When you save a document, certain settings are saved with it. For example, your choice (in the options for OOo Writer) of how to update links is affected by the Load user-specific settings option. Some settings (printer name, data source linked to the document) are always loaded with a document, whether or not this checkbox is selected. If you select this option, these document settings are overruled by the user-specific settings of the person who opens it. If you deselect this option, users’ personal settings do not overrule the settings in the document.

Load printer settings with the document
If this option is not selected, the printer settings that are stored with the document are ignored when you print it using the Print File Directly icon. The default printer in your system will be used instead.

Edit document properties before saving
If this option is selected, the Document Properties dialog pops up to prompt you to enter relevant information the first time you save a new document (or whenever you use Save As).

Save AutoRecovery information every __ Minutes
Choose whether to enable AutoRecovery and how often to save the information used by the AutoRecovery process.

AutoRecovery overwrites the original file. If you also choose Always create a backup copy, the original file then overwrites the backup copy. Recovering your document after a system crash will be easier, but recovering an earlier version of the document may be harder.

Default file format and ODF settings

ODF format version. If you share documents with people who are still using OpenOffice.org 2, save the document using ODF version 1.0/1.1, which is the ODF version used by OpenOffice 2.

Document type. If you routinely share documents with users of Microsoft Word, you might want to change the Always save as attribute for text documents to one of the Word formats. (A better strategy would be to ask the Word users to work with your .odt files.)

Although Writer can open files in the .docx format produced by Word 2007, versions up to 3.1.1 cannot save in .docx format. This ability is included in releases starting with 3.2.

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