User data

Because Writer uses the name or initials stored in the User Data page for several purposes, including the document properties (created by and last edited by information) and marking the author of notes and changes, you will want to ensure that your name and initials appear here.

General options

On the – General page, the options are as described below.

General options

Help – Tips
When Help: Tips are active, one or two words will appear when you hold the cursor over an icon or field on the main OOo window, without clicking.

Help – Extended tips
When Extended tips are active, a brief description of the function of a particular icon or menu command or a field on a dialog appears when you hold the cursor over that item.

Help Agent
To turn off the Help Agent (similar to Microsoft’s Office Assistant), deselect this option. To restore the default Help Agent behavior, click Reset Help Agent.

Help formatting
High contrast is an operating system setting that changes the system color scheme to improve readability. To display Help in high contrast (if your computer’s operating system supports this), choose one of the high-contrast style sheets from the pull-down list.

Open/Save dialogs
To use the standard Open and Save dialogs for your operating system, deselect the Use dialogs option. When this option is selected, the Open and Save dialogs supplied with are used.

Document status
Choose whether printing a document counts as changing the document. If this option is selected, then the next time you close the document after printing, the print date is recorded in the document properties as a change and you will be prompted to save the document again, even if you did not make any other changes.

Year (two digits)
Specifies how two-digit years are interpreted. For example, if the two-digit year is set to 1930, and you enter a date of 1/1/30 or later into your document, the date is interpreted as 1/1/1930 or later. An “earlier” date is interpreted as being in the following century; that is, 1/1/20 is interpreted as 1/1/2020.

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