Write and edit before formatting. I strongly recommend that you write and edit your book before formatting it, instead of formatting at the same time as writing.

In the writing and editing stage, you should be concentrating on the content, not its appearance. Most people find that formatting distracts them from the writing process. Certainly, apply paragraph styles to headings and other elements as you go, but don’t worry about other layout issues such as spacing, page breaks, font choices, and so on.

If you need to share your drafts with others (such as an editor) who uses Microsoft Word, you can save drafts in Word and receive edits in Word, without being concerned about formatting problems.

Spacing of paragraphs and headings. Do not press Enter several times to create extra space between paragraphs or before and after headings. Instead, define the spacing between paragraphs in the paragraph style, as described in “Creating and modifying paragraph styles” on page 60. A common mistake is to accidentally create blank paragraphs tagged as headings, because the blank heading paragraphs will show up with page numbers in the Table of Contents (if your book has one).

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