The Writer workspace

The most commonly used view of the main Writer workspace, Print Layout, is shown below.

Writer workspace in Print Layout view


Most of Writer’s toolbars can be either docked or floating. They can be moved to different locations (top, side, bottom) in the Writer workspace. They can even be floated outside the Writer window.

The top toolbar is called the Standard toolbar. All components (Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Base) have this toolbar.

The second toolbar at the top is the Formatting toolbar. It shows tools related to the selection or the cursor’s position. For example, when a graphic is selected, the Formatting toolbar shows tools for formatting graphics. When the cursor is in text, the tools shown are Writer’s text formatting tools.

See Using toolbars for details on displaying or hiding toolbars, using tear-off toolbars, floating and docking toolbars and windows, moving toolbars and windows, and customizing toolbars.

Context-sensitive toolbars

Writer has several other toolbars that normally appear only when the context requires them. For example, when the cursor is in a table, the Table toolbar appears. When the cursor is in a list, the Bullets and Numbering toolbar appears. These toolbars are normally floating, but you can dock them.

Right-click (context) menus

You can quickly access many menu functions by right-clicking on a paragraph, a graphic, or another object. A context menu will pop up. Often the context menu is the fastest and easier way to reach a function. If you do not know where to find a function in the menus or toolbars, you can often find it by right-clicking.

Status bar

The Writer status bar provides both information about the document and convenient ways to quickly change some document features. More about the status bar and its use.

Changing document views

Writer provides several ways to view a document: Print Layout, Web Layout, and Full Screen. To access these and other choices, go to the View menu and click on the desired view. (When in Full Screen view, press the Esc key to return to either Print or Web Layout view.)

When in Print Layout, you can use both the Zoom slider and the View Layout icons on the Status bar. In Web Layout, you can use the Zoom slider.

View Layout icons on Status BarZoom slider on Status Bar

You can also choose View > Zoom from the menu bar to display the Zoom & View Layout dialog, where you can set the same options as on the Status bar. In Web Layout view, most of the choices are not available.

Zoom & View Layout dialog

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