AutoCorrect replacement table

Does your preferred version of English not have an AutoCorrect replacement table?

You can create one by copying and renaming the English (UK) file or the English (USA) files that come with OOo. These files are stored in the /shar/autocorr/ folder under your OOo installation folder.

Make a copy of either acor1033 or acor2057, rename the copy acorxxxx.dat (see below for what to put for ‘xxxx’) and save it in the same folder.

‘xxxx’ is a number corresponding to the language. Some examples are:

1033 = English (USA)
2057 = English (UK)

3081 = English (Australia)
4105 = English (Canada)
5129 = English (New Zealand)

A full list of numbers can be found here.

When you next open OOoWriter and click Tools > AutoCorrect/AutoFormat, you’ll discover that the replacement table is now full of items!

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