Setting up

… to suit the way I work

This page was written for 1.1. The information may not be correct for later versions. (OOo is now at 3.x.)

My list of features I turn off or on when I install OOo on a new machine, and other setup tricks.

Almost every OOo automated feature is loved by some people and hated by others. Fortunately, most of the automated features can easily be turned on or off by users. The trick is finding where they are all hidden. I’m a person who generally hates these features, so I keep a list of them handy for use whenever I install OOo on another machine.

In addition, I have a list of other things to do to set up a new installation to suit my requirements and way of working.

Here is my setup list. Please let me know if you have other items you particularly find useful to do or turn on or off. (Thanks to Daniel Carrera and Paul Miller for additions to my original list.)

To turn this on/off… Go here…
Word completion Tools > AutoCorrect/AutoFormat > Word Completion
Autocorrect typing Tools > AutoCorrect/AutoFormat > Options
Number recognition Tools > Options > Text Documents > Table (affects Calc spreadsheets as well as Writer documents)
Help Agent Tools > Options > > General
Tooltips Help > Tips and/or Extended Tips
Quickstarter Tools > Options > > Memory
Printing sets modified status Tools > Options > > General
View all menu items (not just those active for cursor location) Tools > Options > > View
Font history Tools > Options > > View
URLs -> hyperlinks Tools > AutoCorrect/AutoFormat > Options
Curly quotes Tools > AutoCorrect/AutoFormat > Custom Quotes
Spellcheck options (including getting rid of the wavy underline) Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids
Automatically create a backup copy Tools > Options > Load/Save > General
Automatically save, but don’t prompt to save Tools > Options > Load/Save > General
Hide icons in menus Tools > Options > > View
Use system font for user interface Tools > Options > > Accessibility
Default table attributes (headings and borders) Tools > Options > Text Documents > Table
Show paragraph markers and tabs Tools > Options > Text Documents > Formatting Aids
Configure the Function bar Right-click > Customize
In Draw, show Option bar View > Toolbars > Option bar
Copy custom AutoCorrect items from previous installation Copy AutoCorrect file to (install)\share\autocorr\acorxxxx.dat
Note: xxxx is a 4-digit number than varies with the language
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