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Cover of Getting Started with 3The OOoAuthors team has produced Getting Started with 3, second edition, published in January 2010. ISBN 978-1921320057. This book is for people using OOo 3.0 through 3.2.1. You can get the full book, or individual chapters, in free PDFs (designed for onscreen reading, not for printing) from the OOo Documentation Project. You can also buy a printed copy.

If you are using 3.3 or later, these PDFs are better; they cover the changes in the Print dialog for all components of OOo, the slide layouts in Impress, and others. Here is a list of new features. The printed edition is available from See this post for more information.

For other books on OOo, see the sidebar or this page.

Extensions to OOo

Extensions are add-ons that add new features and extend OOo’s functionality (similar to Firefox extensions). The official extension repository is here.

Some articles about extensions:


Bruce Byfield’s 2004 article Macros and Add-ons has been revised since its original posting.


Dmaths is an add-on to It extends the formula (equation) editor component of OOo and provides a new toolbar. It is free (under the GPL licence) and available for Linux, Windows and MacOSX. English, French or German versions are available.

From the Dmaths website: “You can trace curves (including parametrics and polars), do statistics, insert diagrams. Dmaths contains many useful autotexts for the quick insertion of mathematical expressions, and a large gallery of geometric objects.”

I have not tried this, but it looks quite interesting. It’s been around for awhile. Since December 2008, it has been available through the extensions repository at OOo.

Labels in OpenDocument format for OOo Writer, a maker of labels for envelopes, jewel cases, and other purposes, has released a package of more than 50 label templates in OpenDocument format for Writer. The labels represent most of’s standard prepress stock. Click here for labels on A4 size paper as used in Europe and Asia. Templates for OOo Draw are also available. The complete collection of all labels can be downloaded from License: General Public License

Book on OpenDocument

OpenDocument is the native format for 2.0 files. OASIS OpenDocument Essentials by J. David Eisenberg introduces you to the XML that serves as an internal format for office applications. This book is also available in HTML and PDF from the author’s website.

Of historical interest

Solveig Haugland’s Transitioning an Organization to My Own Tips and Yours (04 Apr 07).

Bruce Byfield’s Customizing general settings (21 Jan 07).

Some of my tips for setting up and using

Setting up OOo to suit the way I work
My list of features I turn off or on when I install OOo on a new machine,
and other setup tricks.
How to create an AutoCorrect replacement table
Does your preferred version of English (or any other language) not have an AutoCorrect replacement table? Here’s how to create one.

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