Work with large documents

To do this…

In Microsoft Word…

In Writer…

Create a table of contents, list of figures, or an alphabetic index

Insert > Index and Tables

Insert > Indexes and Tables > Indexes and Tables

Insert index entries


Insert > Indexes and Tables > Entry (or) click Insert Index Marker icon

Create a bibliographic database

Use database, e.g. Microsoft Access

Tools > Bibliography Database

Insert bibliographic references into text

Link to field in database

Insert > Indexes and Tables > Bibliographic Entry

Insert footnotes and endnotes

Insert > Footnote

Insert > Footnote (or) click Insert Footnote Directly icon

Insert other files

Insert > File, choose Insert or As Link

Insert > File

Cross-reference between documents

Use Includetext fields

See Creating cross-references between documents

Use master documents

Not recommended

File > Send > Create Master Document; use Navigator to insert subdocuments

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