Using templates and styles

To do this…

In Microsoft Word…

In Writer…

Find which template is associated with a document

Tools > Templates and Add-ins

File > Document Properties > General tab.

Specify default template

"Normal" template is default

File > Templates > Organize

Create a new template

File > Save As, set type to Document Template (.DOT)

File > Templates > Save

Edit a template

File > Open, choose template

File > Templates > Edit

Copy styles between templates

Tools > Templates and Add-ins > Organizer

File > Templates > Organize

Create a new document from a template

File > New (opens a list of templates)

File > New > Templates and Documents

Apply a different template to a document

Tools > Templates and Add-ins > Attach, select template, Open

Start a new document based on the different template; copy contents of old document into new document.

Apply a style to text

(Word 2000) Select from Style List or Style dialog
(XP) Can also use task pane.

Format > Styles (or press F11), double-click style in list; after one use, paragraph styles appear in Apply Style list on Formatting object bar.

Change a style definition

(Word 2000) Format > Style > Modify; (XP) can also select in task pane and click Modify

Select style in Stylist, right-click, choose Modify; or Format > Styles > Catalog, select style, click Modify.

Create a new style

Format > Style > New

Format > Styles > Catalog, click New.

Use outline numbering

Format > Style, select style > Format > Numbering

Tools > Outline Numbering

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