Drop caps

A drop cap is the first letter of a paragraph formatted as a large capital letter that can be several lines in height. This can be made part of a paragraph style, but the paragraph must contain at least as many lines as the height of the drop cap—shorter paragraphs, even if tagged with the style, won’t show a drop cap.

  1. Choose Format > Paragraph, or right-click and choose Paragraph or (for paragraph style) right-click and choose Edit Paragraph Style.
  2. On the Drop Caps tab, choose the number of characters to include in the drop caps (usually this is 1), the number of lines for the height of the drop cap, and any extra space to text. You may need to experiment to find the best settings.
  3. (Optional) Choose Drop Caps for the character style. See the next topic for more on the Drop Caps character style.
  4. Click OK when done.
Options for adding a drop cap to the paragraph style

Options for adding a drop cap to the paragraph style

Editing the Drop Caps character style

You can choose a different font for the drop cap characters. To do this:

  1. Open the Styles and Formatting window and go to the Character Styles page.
  2. Right-click on Drop Caps and choose Modify. This opens the Character Style dialog, where you can change the font. Then (as noted in the previous topic), on the Drop Caps page of the Paragraph Style dialog, choose Drop Caps for the character style. Note: any change in font size is ignored when the drop cap style is used.

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