Write, edit and review

Most writing, editing, and reviewing techniques in OOoWriter are similar to

those in Microsoft Word, but the details often vary.

To do this…

In Microsoft Word…

In OpenOffice.org Writer…

Jump quickly to other parts of a document

Edit > Go to (or)
Outline view

Edit > Navigator, double-click on required heading, figure,
table, etc.

Choose language for spelling checker

Tools > Language > Set Language

Tools > Options > Language Settings > Language. (Note:
has no grammar checker)

Ignore some text when checking spelling

Select text; Tools > Language > Set Language > Do not
(or) Format > Style > Modify > Format > Language

Select text; right-click > Character > Font > Language
= [None]

Recheck spelling

Tools > Spelling & Grammar > Recheck Document

Always rechecks

Find and replace text, formatting, and styles

Edit > Replace > More; choices as needed

Edit > Find&Replace; details are a bit different

Use wildcards in find and replace

Edit > Replace > More, select Use Wildcards checkbox

In 1.1, Edit > Find&Replace, select Regular Expressions checkbox.
Does not work in 1.0.x.

Choose, create, or edit a custom dictionary

Tools > Options > Spelling & Grammar > Custom Dictionaries

Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids

Create exclude dictionary

File > New, type words, Save As > text only, file extension


As for custom dictionary, but select Exception [-] checkbox

Track changes (choose options)

Tools > Options > Track Changes

Tools > Options > Text Document > Changes

Protect document for editing

Tools > Protect Document

Edit > Changes > Protect Records

Mark and track changes

(Word 2000) Tools > Track Changes > Highlight Changes

Edit > Changes > Record

Insert comments associated with a change

Highlight text; Insert > Comment

Edit > Changes > Comment

Insert notes (comments not associated with a change)

Highlight text; Insert > Comment

Insert > Note

Show changes as pop-up text

Options > View > Screentips

Help > Tips (and) Help > Extended Tips

Merge documents

Tools > Merge Documents

Edit > Changes > Merge Document

Accept or reject changes

View > Toolbars > Reviewing

Edit > Changes > Accept or Reject

Change document properties

File > Properties

File > Properties

Get a word count

Tools > Word Count (Can get word count for selection.)

File > Properties > Statistics tab
(Cannot get word count for selection.)

Create AutoText entry

Select text; Insert > AutoText > New

Select text; Edit > AutoText (or) CTRL+F3

Insert AutoText

Type shortcut and press F3

Type shortcut and press F3

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