Setting up Writer

Most functions are found in similar places in both programs, but a few are slightly different, and the degree of control varies. This table summarizes where to find the setup choices; later I will add some more explanation for some of the ones I found particularly confusing.

To do this…

In Microsoft Word…

In OOoWriter…

Turn off OfficeAssistant (Help Agent)

Help > Microsoft Word Help > Options

Tools > Options > > General

Set up document window (rulers, status bar, default toolbars, etc)

View > select required items

View > select required items

Customize toolbars

Tools > Customize

View > Toolbars > Customize (or)

Tools > Configure (or)
Right-click on toolbar > Customize or Configure

Customize menus

Tools > Customize

Tools > Configure

Display font names in their font (in toolbar drop-down font list)

Tools > Customize > Options

Tools > Options > > View, select Preview in fonts lists

Always show full menus (include unavailable and little-used items)

Tools > Customize > Options

Tools > Options > > View, select Inactive menu items

Show/hide ScreenTips (ToolTips) on toolbars

Tools > Customize > Options

Help > Tips, uncheck

Always create backup copy

Tools > Options > Save

Tools > Options > Load/Save > General

Autosave every x minutes

Tools > Options > Save

Tools > Options > Load/Save > General

Show paragraph marks, tabs etc.

Tools > Options > View

Tools > Options > Text Document > Formatting Aids

Change file locations

Tools > Options > File Locations

Tools > Options > > Paths

Change user information

Tools > Options > User Information

Tools > Options > > User Data

Set up AutoCorrect and AutoFormat options

Tools > AutoCorrect Options

Tools > AutoCorrect/AutoFormat > Options

Main Word – OOoWriter comparison page

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