Change all font sizes at once

How to change all font sizes in a document at once

Many people want a facility in OOo to enlarge or reduce the size of all fonts in a document at once, preferably by clicking on an icon. Although I do not know any way to do that, I have found a workaround that provides a similar result. It takes a bit of setting up but otherwise works quickly and easily.

My technique probably won’t help speed up working with documents you receive from someone else (because of the setup needed), but if you create your own document templates this way, you’ll only have to do the setup step once.

To set up the document

  1. Choose what style to use for the main body text in your documents. Do not use Default. In this example, I use Text Body, but you can use whatever you want.
  2. Open the Style Catalog. Select the Heading 1 style and click Modify.
  3. On the Organizer tab of the Paragraph Style dialog, set Linked With to Text Body.
  4. On the Font tab of the Paragraph Style dialog, set the Font Size to a percent, not a point size. If the Size box is showing only point sizes, type a number followed by a percent sign (%) in the box. The list of sizes will change to a list of percents.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for other headings and any other paragraph styles that use larger or smaller fonts than the main body text.
  7. Check any other paragraph styles you’re using and change them to be linked with Text Body if they are linked with Default or some other style. You can easily see which paragraph stypes are linked with other styles by choosing Hierarchical in the Stylist.
  8. Save this setup as a template. You may want to make this your default template for text documents.

Now that you have the paragraph styles set up, start a new document based on your template. Put in some headings and text, and assign appropriate styles to the paragraphs.

In this example, let’s say the font in your Body Text paragraph style is Arial 10, and that you have defined Heading 1 to be 140% of Body Text (= 14 pt) and Heading 2 to be 120% of Body Text (= 12 pt).

To make all the fonts larger or smaller

  1. Place the cursor in any Text Body paragraph.
  2. Right-click and choose Edit Paragraph Style from the context menu.
  3. On the Font tab of the Paragraph Style dialog, change the font size to 12 pt. Click OK.

All fonts in the document immediately become larger. For example, Heading 1 is now 16.8 pt (140% of 12 pt) and Heading 2 is 14.4 pt (120% of 12 pt).

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