Past news

A collection of items formerly on the front page of this site.

Award for my OOoWriter book

My book won an award of Excellence in the Technical Publications competition run by the Australia Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication in 2004.

Microsoft bows to public pressure!

Microsoft has bowed to the public’s demand for OpenDocument support! On 6 July 2006 Microsoft announced an open source project to write an OpenDocument plugin for Microsoft Office.

We would like to thank all the thousands of people representing over 300,000 computers who signed the petition begun by the OpenDocument Fellowship in October 2005.

Demand OpenDocument!

The OpenDocument Fellowship has launched a petition calling on Microsoft to fully support the OpenDocument format in its MS Office product.

Microsoft has stated that the company will support the OpenDocument format in MS Office if there is customer demand. This petition will demonstrate that customer demand already exists.

OpenDocument is the default file format for 2.0.

To help this campaign, please visit, sign the petition, and collect a banner or button to use on your own website to advertise the petition. And do spread the word in other groups you may belong to.

Vote for ODF!

My blogs and articles

I’ve finally started a blog for random notes about, technical editing, travel around Australia, and anything else I feel like raving on about.

I’ve also got a blog and some articles about OOo and related topics on O’Reillynet. conferences I have attended Miniconf Canberra, Australia, 18-19 April 2005, part of 18-23 April. Programme is here.

Presentation slides and papers are here.

Some of my photos are here (not put into an album yet).

Some of Jonathon Coombes’ photos are here.

OOo RegiCon North America San Diego, California, was held 9 February 2005, part of Desktop Summit 9-11 Feb. Presentation slides and papers are here.

Some photos are here.

Typesetting with

The Editorium (edited by Jack Lyons), a newsletter for Microsoft Word users, has an article in the 27 January 2005 issue with detailed instructions on how to use OOo to do typesetting better than MS Word, starting from a MS Word document.

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