Combining several documents into a book

One way to build your book is to save each chapter or section in a separate document. Reviewers or editors can then deal with individual chapters while you work on others.

When the book is complete, you need to combine all the chapters and other material (title page, copyright page, and so on) into one file before final formatting, creating a table of contents, and producing a PDF for printing.

To combine files:

  1. Open the first file. Ensure that end-of-paragraph marks are visible.
  2. Go to the last page of the document. If there is no blank paragraph at the end, press Enter at the end of the last paragraph to create a blank paragraph.
  3. With the cursor in the blank paragraph, choose Insert > File from the menu bar.
  4. Select the second document and click Insert.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the file to open and paginate, then repeat steps 2 through 4 for the third and subsequent documents until all have been included. Save the book under another file name.
  6. Proceed with final formatting (see Chapter 5).

Note on master documents has a master document feature for combining a collection of files into one file. Although master documents do work, they have some quirks that can make them more trouble than they are worth for books that are mostly text. Master documents are best left for more complex documents. For this reason they are not covered in this book.

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