Creating a new document

To create a new, blank document in Writer:

  • When is open but no document is open, click the Text Document icon on the Welcome screen, or click the Templates icon to start a new document using a template.
  • When a document is already open in Writer:
    • Press the Control+N keys, or
    • Use File > New > Text Document, or
    • Click the New button on the main toolbar.

The new document opens in a new Writer window.

Create a document from a template

A template serves as the foundation of a set of documents, to make sure that all documents in the set have a similar layout: the same page size, the same headers and footers, the same fonts, and so on.

If you plan to save the chapters of your book as separate documents and combine them into one file at the end, as described on this page, then you should base the individual chapters on a template.

To create a new document based on a template, choose File > New > Templates and Documents, or click the Templates icon on the Welcome screen. In the Templates and Documents dialog, choose the required template and click Open.

For more about creating and using templates, see ChapterĀ 13.

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