Self-publishing using 3 Writer (draft)

This is a draft version of Self-publishing using 3 Writer, which is now available as a printed book and an eBook (PDF). The online version may eventually be updated if I ever have some spare time.

This book is for beginners to intermediate users of 3 Writer who want to produce a book-length document such as a novel, a collection of poetry or essays, or a non-fiction book, and then self-publish the book using an on-demand printing service (Lulu, Booksurge, Createspace, Lightning Source, or the like).

I plan to produce a variation on this book aimed at more technical or academic writers producing, for example, a thesis or a software user guide&emdash;documents that often require the use of more complex features.

What do you need to do before you use this book?

This book assumes that you have successfully installed 3 on your computer and can create, edit, save, and print files.

Contents of draft book


Part I: Essentials

  1. Introduction to Writer
  2. Setting up Writer
  3. Writing and editing
  4. Designing your book
  5. Formatting pages
  6. Formatting text
  7. Creating PDFs

Part II: Extras

  1. Adding images (pictures and graphics)
  2. Creating a table of contents
  3. Creating an index
  4. Creating special effects
  5. Tracking changes
  6. Using templates
  7. Customizing Writer

Topics not covered in this book, but intended for a second book:


Much of the material in this book is based on Getting Started with 3 and the 3 Writer Guide, produced by a team of volunteers known as OOoAuthors. Copies of these and other books by OOoAuthors are available in free PDF on the Documentation Project’s website, and in low-cost printed editions through

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This book is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 3.0.

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