Inserting special characters

A “special” character is one not found on a standard English keyboard. For example, © ¾ æ ç ñ ö ø ¢ are all special characters. To insert a special character:

  1. Place the cursor in your document where you want the character to appear.
  2. Click Insert > Special Character to open the Special Characters dialog.
  3. Select the characters (from any font or mixture of fonts) you wish to insert, in order; then click OK. The selected characters are shown in the lower left of the dialog. As you select each character, it is shown on the lower right, along with the numerical code for that character. Notice that all the selected characters appear in the bottom-left corner of the dialog.
Special Characters dialog

Special Characters dialog

Different fonts include different special characters. If you do not find a particular special character you want, try changing the Font selection.

Inserting non-breaking spaces and hyphens

Non-breaking spaces
To prevent two words from being separated at the end of a line, press Control+spacebar after the first word.

Non-breaking hyphen
You can use a non-breaking hyphen in cases where you do not want the hyphen to appear at the end of a line. Examples of non-breaking hyphens are: in a range such as A‑Z or the hyphens in a telephone number, such as 123‑4567. To insert a non-breaking hyphen, press Shift+Control+minus sign.

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