Using the Navigator

In addition to the Page Number field on the Status bar, Writer provides other ways to move quickly through a document and find specific items by using the many features of the Navigator, the Navigation toolbar, and related icons.

The Navigator lists all the headings, tables, graphics, notes, bookmarks, text frames, and other objects contained in a document.

To open the Navigator, click its icon on the Standard Toolbar, or press F5, or choose Edit > Navigator on the main menu bar. You can dock the Navigator to either side of the main OOo window or leave it floating (see Docking/floating windows and toolbars).


To hide the list of categories and show only the toolbars at the top, click the List Box On/Off icon (the green check mark). Click this icon again to show the list box. Click the + sign by any of the lists to display the contents of the list.

Moving quickly through a document

The Navigator provides several convenient ways to move around a document and find items in it:

  • To jump to a specific page in the document, type its page number in the box at the top of the Navigator.
  • When a category is showing the list of objects in it, double-click on an object to jump directly to that object’s location in the document.
  • To see the content in only one category, highlight that category and click the Content View icon. Click the icon again to display all the categories. You can also change the number of heading levels shown when viewing Headings.
  • Use the Previous and Next icons to jump to other objects of the type selected in the Navigation toolbar. (See below for details.)

Tip: Objects are much easier to find if you have given them names when creating them, instead of keeping OOo’s default graphics1, graphics2, Table1, Table2, and so on—which may not correspond to the position of the object in the document.

Using the Navigation toolbar

To display the Navigation toolbar, click the Navigation icon Navigator Toolbar icon in the Navigator or the small Navigation icon near the lower right-hand corner of the window below the vertical scroll bar.

Previous, Navigation, and Next icons

Previous, Navigation, and Next icons

Navigation toolbar

Navigation toolbar

The Navigation toolbar shows icons for all the object types shown in the Navigator, plus some extras (for example, the results of a Find command). Click an icon to select that object type. Now all the Previous and Next icons (in the Navigator itself, in the Navigation Toolbar, and on the scroll bar) will jump to the next object of the selected type. This is particularly helpful for finding items like bookmarks and index entries, which can be difficult to see in the text. The names of the icons (shown in the tooltips) change to match the selected category; for example, Next Graphic or Next Bookmark.

Setting reminders

One of the little-known features of Writer which you may find quite useful is the possibility of jumping between reminders. Reminders are not highlighted in any way in the document, so you cannot see where they are, but they are a handy tool.

To set a reminder at the cursor’s current location, click on the icon Reminder icon in the Navigator. You can set up to 5 reminders in a document (setting a sixth causes the first to be deleted). To jump between reminders, first select the same icon on the Navigation toolbar. Now the Previous and Next icons are active for reminders.

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