Inserting, editing, and replying to notes

During the review process, you may want to insert notes in the text, either for your own benefit or for the benefit of the other reviewers. In OpenOffice.org3, notes are displayed at the side of the page and color-coded according to the user who created them.

To insert a note in the text, place the cursor in the place the note refers to and select Insert > Note or press Ctrl+Alt+N. The anchor point of the note is connected by a line to a box on the right-hand side of the page where you can type the text of the note. Writer automatically adds at the bottom the author of the note and the time when the note was created.

Select Tools > Options > User Data to confirm or change the name you want to appear in the Author field of the note.

If more than one person edits the document, each author is automatically allocated a different background color.

Right-clicking on a note pops up a menu where you can delete the note, or all the notes from the same author, or all the notes in the document. From this menu, you can also apply some basic formatting to the note’s text. You can also change font type, size, and alignment from the main menu.

Starting with 3.1, several people (for example, you and your editor) can have a discussion using notes, by right-clicking on a note and selecting Reply from the pop-up menu. Below is an example of two notes and a reply to one of them.

To navigate from one note to another, open the Navigator (F5), expand the Notes section, and click on the note text to move the cursor to the anchor point of the note in the document. Right-click on the note to quickly edit or delete it.

You can also navigate through the notes using the Previous and Next icons in the Navigation toolbar or by using the keyboard. Control+Alt+Page Down moves to the next note and Control+Alt+ Page Up moves to the previous note.

Notes in 3.1

Notes in 3.1

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