Using toolbars

Two toolbars are located under the Menu bar. The top toolbar is the Standard toolbar. It is consistent across the applications.

The second toolbar is the Formatting toolbar. It is a context-sensitive bar, which means it shows the tools relevant to the cursor’s current position or selection. For example, when the cursor is on a graphic, the Formatting bar provides tools for formatting graphics; when the cursor is in text, the tools are for formatting text.

Displaying and hiding toolbars

To display or hide toolbars, choose View > Toolbars, then click on the name of a toolbar in the list. An active toolbar shows a checkmark beside its name. Tear-off toolbars are not listed in the View menu.

Moving toolbars

To move a docked toolbar, click on its handle and drag it to the new location.

Moving a docked toolbar

Moving a docked toolbar

To move a floating toolbar, click on its title bar and drag it to a new location. Floating toolbars dragged to a docking location change into docked toolbars.

Moving a floating toolbar

Moving a floating toolbar

Customizing toolbars

You can choose which icons are visible on a toolbar. You can also add icons and create new toolbars, as described in Customizing menus and toolbars.

To customize a toolbar, click the down-arrow at the end of the toolbar (or on the title bar of a floating toolbar). A menu drops down.

Customizing toolbars

Customizing toolbars

To show or hide icons defined for the selected toolbar, choose Visible Buttons from the drop-down menu. Icons that are visible on the toolbar are checked. Click on an icon to select or deselect it.

Docking and floating windows

Windows such as the Navigator, Styles and Formatting, and the Gallery can be moved, re-sized, or docked.

To dock or undock a window, hold down the Control key and double-click on the gray area next to the icons at the top of the window.

To move a floating window, click on the title bar and drag the window, as you would do for a floating toolbar.

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