Draft PDF of Self-Publishing using OOo available for review

A complete first draft of my book Self-Publishing using OpenOffice.org 3 Writer is now available in PDF (3.5MB). If you want a review copy, please contact me directly and ask for one.

I hope to get the website copy of the book updated and ready for online comments within the next few days.

You can help by telling me about anything that

  • doesn’t make sense
  • is out of logical order
  • is covered in not enough detail
  • is covered in too much detail for the audience of the book
  • needs more or better illustrations
  • is missing from the book but you think should be covered
  • is covered in two places but should be combined into one place
  • or anything else that you think would make the book more useful for the audience

At this point, please confine your comments to the content, not the inconsistencies of formatting or screen captures or bad page breaks or similar, most of which I am well aware of but unwilling to spend time fixing until I’m confident that I won’t be rewriting or deleting whole sections.

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