Books by OOoAuthors on are NOT being sold by us

Please don’t buy from the three OOo3.0 books by the OOoAuthors team (Getting Started, Writer Guide, and Impress Guide) being sold there, because they have been republished by someone not associated with OOoAuthors nor (as far as I can tell) associated with in any way.

This is legal under the Creative Commons license we are using, but it does put money into someone’s pocket when they haven’t contributed. The small amount of profits from sale of the Getting Started and the Writer guides through (see sidebar on right) will be distributed in ways to benefit the community, though the group has not yet decided just what those ways will be.

Why aren’t we selling those books ourselves through It’s a long story, involving extra costs and hassles related to Friends of OpenDocument Inc (the actual publishers of the printed books) not being a US-based organisation, and the technical requirements for book files for on-demand printing and distribution beyond None of this is insurmountable, but it takes time and effort away from writing new material and keeping older material up to date.

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