My new role at Co-lead of the Documentation Project

It’s now official: I’ve been elected as Co-Lead of the Documentation Project at

Many of you will recall that in late November 2007, I announced that after 5 years with the project, it was time for me to move on to something else, so I ws winding down my activities by the send of that year. Then in March 2008, I admitted that I was still involved, though not in the (unofficial) role of lead editor at OOoAuthors, the group producing the user guides for

In my new role, I expect to be mainly continuing what I’ve been doing all along: overseeing the production of the user guides. I hope I’ll be a bit more disciplined in tracking and scheduling and other project-management activities—things I know perfectly well how to do, but usually don’t get around to. I also plan to start blogging regularly on OOo-related topics on this website… as well as finishing the book I started writing and publishing here.

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