Symphony Mobile Viewer now available in Apple AppStore and Android MarketPlace

According to the announcement I saw, this free application displays Open Document Format (ODF) contents on iOS (iPAD/iPhone/iTouch) and Android phones and tablets. The viewer can display text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets (files in ODF version 1.2 format with .odp, .odt and .ods extensions) created by Lotus Symphony,, LibreOffice, or other applications that support ODF. Note that it is a viewer only; documents can not be edited or saved.

You can browse files loaded to your devices and open files directly from a web link. You can also connect the viewer to a projector or monitor to display the content if you have a video-out connector.

I haven’t tried this yet (I’ve just downloaded it now), so I can’t say anything about it from personal experience, but it certainly looks potentially very useful for some of what I do.

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6 comments on “Symphony Mobile Viewer now available in Apple AppStore and Android MarketPlace
  1. Tor Lillqvist says:

    I did try it on my iPad, and it crashed on all documents except extremely simple ones… (Technically, I think the OS killed the process because it was using too much memory.) I even restarted the iPad to make sure there wasn’t any OS memory leak or something like that disturbing.

  2. Jean says:

    That certainly does not sound encouraging.

  3. ericb says:

    This application was awaited since a long while …

    By the way : the title of the page leads to confusion :-/ does no longer exist, and is now Apache OpenOffice (see : )

    And LibreOffice beside leads to confusion too : people will believe LibreOffice is, what is not true at all.

  4. Miklos Vajna says:

    Just to be clear: free as in beer, not as in freedom.

  5. Jean says:

    Sorry, Eric, but DOES exist: any version from 3.3 back has not, and will not, change its name even though the ownership of the name has changed from Oracle to Apache. *Future* versions of the program will have the new name Apache OpenOffice.

    At this time, this website is about the versions of OOo that are being used by the general public. In fact, a lot of the material on this website is out of date, because it goes back to OOo 2.x or even 1.x.

    When a version of Apache OpenOffice is available, I expect to add it to the programs covered by this website. I plan to change the site’s name at that time. I hope I can think of a good, short, name that is meaningful and not too confusing. Suggestions from readers are welcome!

    BTW, the use of a slash (/) in English to mean “and” or “and/or” is quite common, though I realise it can be confusing, especially for non-native speakers. I have now changed it to “and”.

  6. Tina says:

    I tried this Symphony Mobile Viewer on my iPad, it is impressive, I opened a couple of big and complex presentation files (10M+), it is fast and looks great. The Document (.odt) files are also great. Only the Spreadsheet is a little slow and the size limitation seems not big enough for my daily use. But anyway it is great and I am looking forward better Spreadsheet and limited editing in future versions. Great job IBM!