Planning a new book

I am preparing to write a book on using styles and templates in Writer, aimed at intermediate and advanced users. I am considering doing it as a series of tutorials, each using a different example (such as a thesis, a magazine, a software user guide), and combine the tutorials into a book, along with a reference section at the back. Examples and context (when and why to use something) are essential, as are lots of diagrams to illustrate concepts such as the sequence of page styles in a book.

The book will be under CC-BY license and will be provided as a free PDF as well as in printed form and possibly in HTML on this website. It should be useful for users of both and LibreOffice (and other derivatives).

I am collecting topics on a wiki page on The Document Foundation’s website, and I will probably also put the list on this website.

You are very welcome to add your “wish list” of topics or examples to be included in the book. I don’t promise to include them all, but it will be a better book if I know what information readers want.

You are also very welcome to review and comment on the book as it develops. I will put drafts on my website for this purpose.

I suspect I won’t get around any time soon to updating the website version of my book on self-publishing, so those pages are mostly out of date, although you can still get the PDF from this page.

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