Printing problems may be overcome

After several tries, I think (I hope) I have finally given a PDF of Getting Started with 3.3 that all of their printers will be happy with. Although I had followed Lulu’s How to make a PDF using OpenOffice instructions exactly, the file continued to have problems, printing on some printers (for example, Australia) but not others (don’t know where).

Finally they gave me a different set of instructions, which was “take the file you get from OOo, use Acrobat to create a PostScript file from it, then use Adobe Distiller (with Lulu’s joboptions file, linked from the bottom of this page) to produce a new PDF”. I really dislike having to use Adobe Acrobat, but if that’s the only way to get a file that is accepted by all Lulu’s printers, I guess I’m stuck with it.

I’m assuming that the problem printer(s) belong to Lightning Source, which I understand does most of the work for several print-on-demand services, not just Lulu. Lightning Source has very strict guidelines for creating acceptable files, including “must be distilled using Adobe Acrobat”.

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