Getting Started with OOo 3.3 published

Cover of Getting Started with 3.3Although 3.3 is still at the Release Candidate stage, the Getting Started guide has been published. PDFs of the full book and of the individual chapters are available from this wiki page.

OOo3.3 includes some major improvements in a few areas, including the Print dialog for all modules and slide layout in the Impress module. Here is a list of new features.

The user guides for OOo3.3 are formatted for A4 paper, the international standard size that is close to US Letter. When printed on US Letter (8-1/2×11) paper, the page footers may be in the “non-printing” area at the bottom of the paper (depends on the printer). If this happens, use the “Fit to page” option in your PDF reader to shrink the page a bit so it fits on the paper. (Adobe Reader may default to this setting.)

The printed edition is available from

Work is proceeding on the Writer Guide and other user guides.

EDIT: Fixed links to printed edition.

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