Rewriting the chapter on master documents in Writer

I spent a large chunk of today rewriting the chapter on Master Documents in the 3.x Writer Guide. Much of the chapter described an elaborate workaround for a common problem, which has long since fixed by changes in the program, so a lot of the “rewrite” was simply deletion of the obsolete information. I intend to update this page (the original version, written way back when OOo was at version 1.1, and now quite out of date) when I’ve finished revising the chapter in the Writer Guide.

While doing my revisions today, I thought of several important topics that had not previously been covered in the chapter, so I suspect tomorrow will be spent writing up those topics. Then the chapter will be out for review.

I suspect that several other chapters in the various user guides would benefit from similar close inspection and rewriting. Unfortunately, the lack of time and lack of people sufficiently experienced in using OOo who are available to write about it means this type of serious revision rarely occurs.

Edit: The chapter went up for review on 27 October.

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