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OpenOffice.org3 Impress Guide published

The first edition of the OOo3 Impress Guide is now available. Individual chapters and a compiled book are on the OOoAuthors website (ODT and PDF), the Documentation Project website (PDF), and the Documentation wiki. Note: This first edition really could

Posted in documentation 3.0.1 released 3.0.1 fixes a number of minor issues reported with 3.0. Although minor releases normally do not include new features, there are two points of interest: enhanced support for grammar checkers, and an increase in the number of words

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Where to find templates for OOo

Templates for OOo Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw are now available through the Template Browser. They are categorized in several ways to help you find what you need. I have not looked through the collection in detail to see how

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Owners of older (pre-Intel) Mac PPC computers often wonder why the English version of OOo3.0 is not available through the OOo download page, when a few other languages are available there for OOo3.0. (The latest English version available from that

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Managing graphics in Writer

Solveig Haugland has another fine tutorial in her blog: How to insert graphics in OpenOffice Writer that are reasonably manageable. It is much more detailed, with more examples, than the corresponding section in the Writer Guide.

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