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Page headers and footers in Writer

A former MSWord user asked about using footers in Writer. The method is easy, but it’s not obvious to someone coming from Word. I’ve now put my response on this page, where I gathered together some explanatory information on the

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Create fill-in PDF forms to save & email

I want to use to produce some forms for students to fill in and email to their instructors. I want these forms to be in PDF so students can use Adobe Reader (or any other PDF viewer with form-filling

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New book: Self-publishing with 3 Writer

My book Self-publishing with 3 Writer is now available in paperback from Downloadable PDF is coming soon. The online draft version of the book starts here. I will update the online version when I have time.

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“Self-publishing using OOo 3 Writer” now online for comment

You can now read and comment on the first draft of “Self-publishing using OOo 3 Writer” online. The book starts here. Comments are moderated (to eliminate spam). I will be travelling during the next week, with limited internet access (perhaps

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Draft PDF of Self-Publishing using OOo available for review

A complete first draft of my book Self-Publishing using 3 Writer is now available in PDF (3.5MB). If you want a review copy, please contact me directly and ask for one. I hope to get the website copy of

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