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The Magic of Editable PDFs

I’m a bit late in linking to Simon Phipps’ article, The Magic of Editable PDFs, but it’s such a great tip that you need to know about it (if you don’t already). Here’s a sample: Did you know you can

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Drop caps layout questions

A reader, who wants to use for page layout (and not Scribus or another program), asked me some questions about drop caps. I would like to be able to do these things myself, but I don’t know of a

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Do some of OOo’s default settings annoy you?’s Project Renaissance is asking users to them them about any default settings that you change first thing when you install a new version of OOo, especially if they are in Impress, because the suggestions for default settings in the

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New features in OOo 3.1 3.1, scheduled for release on 26 March, has some great new features. You can read all about them on the OOo website.

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Where to find templates for OOo

Templates for OOo Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw are now available through the Template Browser. They are categorized in several ways to help you find what you need. I have not looked through the collection in detail to see how

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