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Two free alternatives to MS Office

The Windows Secrets newsletter has an article by Fred Langa dated March 14, 2013, titled Two free, full-blown alternatives to MS Office that features LibreOffice and OpenOffice. The article mentions several features that particularly appeal to users of older (pre-2007)

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Apache OpenOffice

Now that the product and trademark are owned by Apache, the community has recently voted to change the name of future releases to “Apache OpenOffice” (dropping the “.org”). The transition of the website, wiki, forums, issue tracker, and other

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Printed copies of Draw and Math guides

Printed copies of Draw and Math guides are now available from 3.3 Draw Guide 3.3 Math Guide

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Transition to Apache

As many readers of this blog probably know, Oracle has given to The Apache Software Foundation. The project has been in transition since early-mid June. A lot of legal, technical and other details are still being worked out. The

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Slideshow on Apache

I recommend this slideshow on Apache by Ross Gardler, Vice President of Community Development, The Apache Software Foundation. There is also a video of this presentation.

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