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Here’s why to choose LibreOffice, not OpenOffice

Bruce Byfield summarizes the main reasons to choose, or switch to, LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice, in his article OpenOffice: A Project in Search of an Exit Strategy. Bruce writes, “I keep asking myself what OpenOffice can do that LibreOffice cannot

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Two free alternatives to MS Office

The Windows Secrets newsletter has an article by Fred Langa dated March 14, 2013, titled Two free, full-blown alternatives to MS Office that features LibreOffice and OpenOffice. The article mentions several features that particularly appeal to users of older (pre-2007)

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Announcements from the LibreOffice Conference

During the LibreOffice Conference, The Document Foundation announced two advanced development projects which will become products sometimes in late 2012 or early 2013: LibreOffice Online Prototype (demo video). LibreOffice port project to Android and iOS. The press release, with more

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Printed copies of LibreOffice Math, Impress, and Draw guides

Printed copies of the LibreOffice Math, Impress, and Draw guides are now available from LibreOffice Math Guide LibreOffice Impress Guide LibreOffice Draw Guide

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LibreOffice 3 Impress Guide and Draw Guide chapters published

Chapters in two more books have been published by the LibreOffice Documentation team: LibreOffice 3 Impress Guide LibreOffice 3 Draw Guide PDFs and ODTs of the individual chapters are available from this page. Full books will be available soon.

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