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Symphony Mobile Viewer now available in Apple AppStore and Android MarketPlace

According to the announcement I saw, this free application displays Open Document Format (ODF) contents on iOS (iPAD/iPhone/iTouch) and Android phones and tablets. The viewer can display text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets (files in ODF version 1.2 format with .odp,

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LibreOffice Draw and Impress Guides Published

The full Draw Guide (for the vector graphics component of LibreOffice) and Impress Guide (for the presentations or slide shows component) are now available in PDF and ODT on the Documentation page of the LibreOffice website. Printed copies are coming

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Happy 10th birthday,!

On 13 October, 2000 went live, with the source available for download. Much has happened in the past ten years. A short history of the project is here. I joined the community in 2002, and from 2003 I’ve

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Geeks vote too!

Simon Phipps encourages you to use this logo to signify a geek-with-a-vote-and-a-clue. The source file and the bitmap are both available, or you can buy t-shirts and other items from CafePress.

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OpenLuna – open source moon mission

This has nothing to do with directly, but it’s one of the most exciting open source projects I’ve heard about. The OpenLuna Foundation seeks to return mankind to the lunar surface, first through robotic missions, followed by manned exploration,

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